Contributing to a bright and sustainable future for all


Our Mission

At bfree cup, we are on a mission to help you have a better period, while focusing on innovation, investing in education, promoting sustainability and improving access to life-changing menstrual hygiene products for those experiencing period poverty.

Our Philosophy

Equal opportunities

Everyone should have access to the same opportunities. Just because you menstruate, doesn’t mean you have to skip the things you love to do or have to do. All people deserve to thrive and enjoy life and move freely any day of the month.

No "Planet B"

That’s why bfreecup is made from sustainable silicone. Eventually, when it wears out, you simply cut it up and discard it. Bfree cup comes in sustainable packaging - you can choose to use your reusable tin or reusable bag.

We aspire to be the best

We constantly innovate and develop the absolute best products because we think good design and quality make a difference. In other words, we will never stop improving and delivering the best products!

Changing the conversation

We have a responsibility to educate young people in under-served communities about menstruation, and men need to be a part of the conversation to end the stigma around periods. We have been working hard to bring this much needed education to communities in East Africa and beyond.


Period Poverty

/pir-ē-əd pä-vər-tē/     •     noun 

Lack of access to menstrual health products that results in missed school, work and daily activities, contributing to a lower quality of life and perpetuating gender inequality.

Ending period poverty. Promoting equality. Ensuring bright futures.

Period poverty is a global concern.

At bfree cup, we want to help everyone who menstruates have a better experience. We are empowering under-served communities around the globe with education on menstrual health, reproductive health and female anatomy.

There are a lot of options out there targeting women and girls who can afford to buy sanitary products every month. For people who are experiencing period poverty, the choices are extremely limited, and often those who can stand to benefit the most from reusable products have the hardest time accessing them.