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Bfree Cup

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Cup Size Guide
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Cup Size Guide
Cup Comparison

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The Bfree Cup is the only antibacterial menstrual cup made of 100% medical grade silicone. With no added chemicals, or toxins, the entire surface of the Bfree Cup is physically antibacterial. Nothing harmful going into your body. Just comfortable, convenient period protection. Better for you, and better for our planet! The Bfree Cup sits inside your vagina, collecting your period blood during your menstrual cycle. When your cup is full—remembering to wash your hands first— simply empty, rinse, and reinsert. Bfree Cup antibacterial technology means your cup doesn’t need to be boiled in between cycles. When you are ready to put your cup away (yay!), just rinse and wipe it clean.

  • Safe to wear up to 12 hours
  • Holds as much as 2-3 tampons
  • Unique, nature inspired petal above the rim for added leak protection
  • No tiny holes to clean
  • Free of chemicals
  • Lasts up to 10 years=2500 tampons that don’t end up in the landfill

Includes your Bfree Cup, a biodegradable bag and reusable tin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 216 reviews
Be Free!

I have been using the bfree cup for three months now and I am loving it.
It can hold a lot of fluid. I have kept mine in for as long as eight hours and it was not close to overflowing (I'm not sure if that is possible). I don't have to change it out every couple of hours like I would for a tampon.
It is comfortable. Because it goes inside, there is no labia suffocation or irritation.
It is reusable. Pay a little extra money upfront then save big time for the years to come. This also means less waste so better for the environment.

It takes some getting used to. If you can feel it once it's in, you probably put it in wrong. Watch the tips video (from bfree and there are a few on YouTube) but know that even after watching these, you'll still have to figure it out. DON'T GIVE UP. Practice is important and it only gets easier. I found it easiest to insert it while sitting on the toilet.
You will leak a little. I wear a pantyliner with my cup on my heavier days. Wear something extra especially as you figure out how to use the cup.

I have worn this cup swimming, doing CrossFit, running, doing jiu jitsu, and heavy lifting. It stayed in place great. There was one time I put it in wrong and I felt it wanting to come out on heavy front squats but that was because I put it in wrong. The next time I did heavy front squats, it stayed put.

Big Takeaways
1) It takes some getting used to.
2) Don't give up.
3) It's totally worth it.

Found my “Goldilocks” cup

Used a cup from another brand prior to having children but post-babies, it wasn’t working. I tried 3 different brands (diva 2, super Jennie XL and Lumma discs) before finding success with the wider diameter of the Bfree 3.
2 cycles in and I’m thrilled! No leaks whatsoever, the punch down fold makes insertion a breeze, and I highly recommend the size 3 for anyone else with a medium to high cervix whose had issues with other cups leaking or slipping down!

Nile Wynar
Excellent product

This was my first menstrual cup. Insertion and removal get much easier after the first few times but it didnt take long to get the hang of it. I always wanted to switch to cups but i was worried about cleanliness and having to boil them regularly. This product is exactly what i was looking for to make the switch! I feel so much better about my monthly menstrual waste now. Thank you for creating this product!

Leah R.
Does the Job but Firmness Causes Problems

I am 26 and have been using menstrual cups since I was about 14. This is the 3rd cup brand I've tried and I've been using a small Lena cup since 2016.

I was interested in the bfree cup because I was looking for a new cup that didn't have the little airholes to help release pressure during removal. No matter how often my Lena cup gets boiled, the holes don't look super clean, and it makes me uncomfortable to be using something potentially unsanitary.

As a comparison to my Lena cup, the bfree size 2 was just slightly longer - the lip of the bfree cup added the to the length. The size 2 capacity is about equivalent to the small Lena.

In terms of cup firmness -- it's softer than the Lena. I actually had issues inserting it since you have to fold it a very specific way. And then I had issues getting it to open and seal properly without rippling/bending of the rim (which sometimes resulted in leaks). I think this is because the cup is so soft that it doesn't quite snap back into place like a firmer cup would once the fold is released. The learning curve is certain steeper than for the Lena.

In terms of removal, it was pretty easy and whenever I managed to get a proper seal some minor tugging and a small pinch to the bottom of the cup resulted in a quick release without pain. I never had an issue releasing the suction.

All in all, right now after ~5 days of wear during a period, I'd say the cup did the job. As to whether I'll keep using the cup or repurchase Lena depends on how things go in 3 months when my next period hits. If I continue to struggle with leakage, then I'm switching no question.

Seanna Rogers
The Best!

This was the best product I have ever used, and I have tried many different brands. Super comfortable and reliable protection. Excellent packaging, delivery. I would definitely repurchase.