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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Buyer Agreement & General Terms and Conditions

All orders are subject to acceptance by Women’s Global Health Innovations. Orders are handled in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

        1. Orders: Women’s Global Health Innovations accepts only written orders. Orders given verbally will require confirmation in writing by Women’s Global Health Innovations.
        2. Shipping: Orders will be shipped FOB Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon with Women’s Global Health Innovations. Buyer assumes all subsequent costs, taxes and risks in shipping to the buyer specified “ship-to” address. Buyer may request shipment through a particular shipping company or any other means and reasonable accommodation will be made to honor the buyer’s request.
        3. Payment:
          • All orders are payable in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
          • All orders are pre-paid by credit card or other agreed-upon payment form and/or currencies. Women’s Global Health Innovations does not allow for consignment.

        4. Terms: Requests for credit shall be reviewed by Women’s Global Health Innovations. A credit application may be requested as a requirement for granting such payment terms. This must be done before the date of shipment.
        5. Order cancellations: The Buyer may cancel orders that have not shipped. Contact Women’s Global Health Innovations to find out if your order has shipped, and if it has not, our customer service team will provide the terms and conditions for cancelling the order.
        6. Past Due: Any invoice not paid on the due date will be classified as past due. Past due amounts are subject to a 5% service surcharge, compounded every calendar month until full payment is received.
        7. Returns & Exchanges: Returns and Exchanges are not accepted.
        8. Errors/Damaged Goods: Buyer has 10 days from receipt of goods to notify Women’s Global Health Innovations of all errors, overages, shortages, and defects.