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Education with entertainment

We keep seeing, time and time again, music and laughter bringing people together. It's how we ensure our lessons are delivered impactfully, and memorably. Working together to learn one thing, promotes cooperation while trying to understand another.

One of the driving forces behind the bfree cup is the knowledge that access to education empowers young girls and boys to reach their full potential.

Period poverty prevents this.

Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) education is one of the pillars of our company. Menstrual cups, and menstrual hygiene in general, require knowledge of the female anatomy, and basic sanitary practices. Predictably, the taboo around the subject of menstruation assures there are no end to the questions menstruators have on the subject. We want to empower girls with knowledge that will keep them healthy and thriving, by providing quality education on SRH.

Our most successful programs to date have been in providing education through local public health advocates and educators. With a focus on menstruation and proper cup use and care, we have collaborated with local partners to train trainers who can go into rural, urban and peri-urban environments through our Training of Trainers program (ToT). We equip and work with locals who understand the community they are working in, providing them with the crucial information on female health and the highly specific knowledge surrounding menstrual cup and bfree cup care. Those who complete our ToT program bring sexual and reproductive health and rights education to classrooms, while we paint school latrines and provide clean water for sanitary conditions for menstrual hygiene management.

training in action

strength in numbers

Managing a period with a menstrual cup has a definite learning curve. When introducing the bfree cup to new communities, we reinforce the education through information we gain from sustained monitoring and evaluation after initial training and distribution. Surveys on follow-up visits are enthusiastically filled out, as young girls come up with incredible questions and observations on their menstrual health, while their male classmates want to know how they can support their female relatives. Healthy, sustainably managed menstruation means true freedom from period poverty. 


Any reusable menstrual product keeps disposables out of the trash, which is awesome. Menstrual cups, are even more awesome in general, because they last for so long, potentially displacing thousands of pads or tampons over a few years. The bfree cup is the absolute most environmentally responsible option. With its extended lifetime of up to 10 years, and completely Earth friendly packaging, it takes being awesome for the planet to the next level.