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born out of a need

Women's Global Health Innovations was founded by Leisa Hirtz in to address the lack of sustainable, accessible products available to those experiencing period poverty in the most vulnerable communities. Years were spent in the field interviewing girls and young women in refugee settlements in Uganda and slums in Kenya, trying to understand what the most important obstacles to true freedom are while bleeding during a menstrual cycle. It became clear that although some challenges were regional, or specifically linked to period poverty, most were everyday issues that affected all of us who get our period.

We all want to bfree, any time of the month.

the right stuff

Extensive investigation made clear the affordability and logistical benefits of a menstrual cup over other options - with one cup offering the protection equivalent to hundreds of sanitary towels and only needing initial distribution as opposed to every month. The bfree cup was developed because existing menstrual cups, even accounting for the numerous benefits, had the insurmountable barrier of requiring sterilization in between cycles for continuous safe use.

Eventually, being antibacterial and having minimal cleaning requirements became only one of several added benefits of the bfree cup over other cups. See all of the ways the bfree cup truly is the most revolutionary period product available. 

breaking barriers

We believe in building community through conversation. That is why, unless expressly discouraged by local custom, we always involve boys in our educational programs. Because periods are a female biological process, but they are not just a female issue. They affect us all. The boys we reach are friends and brothers today, fathers and husbands tomorrow. We owe it to our children to teach them to love and understand every part of their body, and to dispel harmful myths learned and cemented through childhood.

Learn more about our programs and impact in communties around the world.

from Canada, for everywhere

The bfree cup is based in Canada, with local production, design and program development. None of it would be possible, however, without the global bfree team. We owe all our success to the combination of cutting edge design, and the work of a global community of sexual reproductive health and rights experts.  While our worldwide shipping is pretty comprehensive, we love to work with local businesses and entreupeneurs who can truly connect with their communities. Check out our wholesale pricing, or get in touch.

We are always eager to explore opportunities to bring our educational programs alongside bfree cups to organizations and communities. Our work around the world is always guided by local public health experts, who we collaborate with to adapt and improve our programming. Monitoring and evaluation is a crucial element to the success of the programs, and this can only be done feasibly with local cooperation. Educators, community organizers, program leaders, and anyone who wants to help bring a solution to period poverty into their community, please get in touch and tell us your story.