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bfree cup

The bfree cup is the only antibacterial menstrual cup made of 100% medical grade silicone. With no added chemicals, or toxins, the entire surface of the bfree cup is physically antibacterial. Nothing harmful going into your body. Just comfortable, convenient period protection. Better for you, and better for our planet! The bfree cup sits inside your vagina, collecting your period blood during your menstrual cycle. When your cup is full—remembering to wash your hands first— simply empty, rinse, and reinsert. Bfree cup antibacterial technology means your cup doesn’t need to be boiled in between cycles. When you are ready to put your cup away (yay!), just rinse and wipe it clean.

  • Safe to wear up to 12 hours
  • Holds as much as 2-3 tampons
  • Unique, nature inspired petal above the rim for added leak protection
  • No tiny holes to clean
  • Free of chemicals
  • Lasts up to 10 years=2500 tampons that don’t end up in the landfill

Includes your bfree cup, a biodegradable bag and reusable tin.

First Cup Size
Second Cup Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Overall love the cup

Ordered 2 cups, size 2 and size 3. Absolutely love the overall cup design. Find the size 3 hard to insert as the sides are not quite as stiff as the 2 (won’t “pop” open properly). Love the feel of the cup and how liquid just runs off. Will be purchasing for my daughter when the time comes! One recommendation would be to put the sizes on the cup, I found it difficult to determine which was which when compared side x side.

In love

I had never used a cup before and bfree was my first one, I got the size 1 (15ml) and size 2 (25ml). I made sure to take my time inserting it and it definitely was a learning curve but once I got used to the punch down method shown on the website it was easy to insert. The grips are great and make it easy to remove. I am in love with the bfree cup and will never use a pad or tampon again!!!

New cups

I was really excited to receive my new bfree cups! I have been using another brand for 13 years and was ready for a change. I was surprised of how small was the small one in the pack. I don’t know how this one will work yet. The other one, a #3 I think was just perfect. It takes a little bit of time to get used to inserting it with the different method but I got it! (Using my good old folding method!) It works really well and I am happy! I recommend it! Plus, it is Canadian!

Super Convenient Cup!

I really appreciate how simple this cup is to clean and seeing liquids bead off of the surface makes it feel so hygienic! I used a diva cup for the past 8 or 9 years until I got an infection during a period and decided to try something new. This product really appealed to me because I travel a lot (when not in the midst of a pandemic) and not having to boil it seemed incredibly helpful. I ordered a 1, based on the quiz, and was nervous upon seeing that it was noticeably smaller than my previous cup. Turns out, it works wonderfully for me! I never feel any discomfort and only had a slight leak/difficulty removing it the very first time I used it, as I had pushed the cup quite high up (I used to do this with my old cup to avoid stem discomfort). I was also anxious about trying the punch fold, as I had only used the u fold before, but the 1 is so soft and flexible it was surprisingly easy. My flow is lighter than when I was a teen so the 1 lasts me a full 12 hours even on the heaviest day of my period. Thanks for a fantastic product that has really reduced the time and effort I have to put into my period!! And I waited a few cycles to post a review just to be sure that I could be thorough :)

Based on experience and what I recieved

This review is solely based on my experience with purchasing bfree products. On the website the size of the cups and the amount of reusable pads are not clear so I purchased a 12 dollar pad thinking it came with three. Very much over priced if you ask me. I can easily find a pack of 9 reusable pads for the price of 2 of Bree reusable pads. Was disappointed upon opening my package. Now for the cups. I was unaware of the specifics of the cups sizes. I purchased one size one and one size two, not being clear on the website the exact ml each cup could hold. The size one only holds 15ml... if I would have known that I would have purchased size two and three. I feel it was a waste of money because in no way can I use a 15ml cup. I’m very much disappointed with how misleading the website is. I have not used the cup yet but I’m already displeased with the what I received.

Hi Anastasia,
Thank you for your review, we truly value all the feedback we receive. We have emailed you right away to find the best way to turn this experience around. We want you to love your bfree experience, and so far that is not how it has played out, and we are truly sorry for that. We have already updated the product photography for the APIafrique pads, to make it much more explicit that only a single reusable pad is included. In regards to sizing, we will definitely follow up and make sure you get the cups that work best for you. All the best!
The Bfree Team