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Bfree Cup

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Cup Size Guide
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The Bfree Cup is the only antibacterial menstrual cup made of 100% medical grade silicone. With no added chemicals, or toxins, the entire surface of the Bfree Cup is physically antibacterial. Nothing harmful going into your body. Just comfortable, convenient period protection. Better for you, and better for our planet! The Bfree Cup sits inside your vagina, collecting your period blood during your menstrual cycle. When your cup is full—remembering to wash your hands first— simply empty, rinse, and reinsert. Bfree Cup antibacterial technology means your cup doesn’t need to be boiled in between cycles. When you are ready to put your cup away (yay!), just rinse and wipe it clean.

  • Safe to wear up to 12 hours
  • Holds as much as 2-3 tampons
  • Unique, nature inspired petal above the rim for added leak protection
  • No tiny holes to clean
  • Free of chemicals
  • Lasts up to 10 years=2500 tampons that don’t end up in the landfill

Includes your Bfree Cup, a biodegradable bag and reusable tin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
great fit for this multip

Since receiving my size 3 bfree cup I've used it for two leak-free periods where I didn't have pain or discomfort from my cup slipping, and now I'm just wishing I had looked into a new cup sooner! I've been a menstrual cup user for thirteen years and in that time I've had four vaginal births. I did size up in my original brand (diva cup) after my first baby, but was still having discomfort and leaks with my larger cup after babies 3 and 4. For a time I just assumed it was something I would have to endure because my body had changed, but after some research from and bfree's own helpful quiz, I decided to try the size 3 bfree. I'm super happy with it, it's comfortable to wear and easy to clean, and no more leaks or discomfort!
I appreciate the wide size range that bfree offers, especially as someone whose body seems to fall outside the normal range. The ball at the bottom is a bit bulky, so I might cut that off, but only because I prefer to pull the cup out by pinching it in any case. I don't feel the ball when the cup is in. I'd never used the punch-down insertion method before, but it works well for me with the softer material of the bfree. It's rare that it doesn't work the first time, but if it doesn't feel just right as soon as I stand up, I just do it again.
Overall, I would highly recommend this cup!

Eventually I will master it.

Eventually I will get it in the right spot without leaking. I bought the size 2 in Carmine and Raven and cut the balls off. I'd also prefer to leave it in up to 12 hours. The size one is very small. For me the cup slips down and the ball was uncomfortable. I message the website and asked about the different colors. The Raven is softest. The Clear and Carmine is medium, and the Periwinkle is their firmest. They said they would add it to their website. I really want to use this cup, so I will eventually get it right.

Margaret L
Disappointed that I don't like it

I've used a different brand of menstrual cup for a few years, but boiling it was a pain, so I was excited to try the bfree cup. However, I was disappointed. First, I found it uncomfortable to insert because the rim is tapered and thin, not rounded. This seems to be designed to better prevent leaks, so I guess it's a trade-off with comfort.

Second, I found it really difficult and uncomfortable to remove. The ball stem didn't help at all. I think instead of being rounded, the stem should be indented or have deep ridges to provide grip on the more-slippery-than-standard silicone. The little raised dots for texture aren't nearly enough. So since the ball was useless, I was forced to reach in further for the finger grips on the cup's underside, which again with didn't provide enough grip with their dotted texture, so grasping the cup was a struggle. Also, my cup would travel quite a ways in, so the strain to get it out was all in all, painful. And the cup didn't hold a lot so I had to go through the unpleasant experience every 2 hours. Perhaps my experience would have been improved somewhat if I'd gotten a bigger size. (But the ball would've still been useless and the raised dots unhelpful.)

My dream cup would be one with the design of the Diva Cup but using the material of the bfree!

Sierra Green
Not for beginners

This is a great cup, but not ment for people who aren't confident in their cup use. Very firm, but still unnoticeable when in use. It's pretty slippery even when being first inserted and the little grip is extremely small.

Jennifer Okada
Love the idea, but wasn’t a good fit for me

I love the philanthropic and environmental aspect of the bfree, and the extra peace of mind knowing it has a antimicrobial surface, but it wasn’t a good fit for me. I could feel the thick stem portion and the stiffness of the cup made the “pop” rather uncomfortable. I hope they come out with other iterations in the future!